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Here is a quick tour around the world on Long Passages.
  These photos represent just a few of the places we visited during 14+ years of cruising.
Long Passages knows the way and will take you back to these fascinating places and beyond.

Venezuela Grand Sabana

Cartagena Columbia

Kuna girl - San Blas Islands

Galapagos Blue-footed Booby

Galapagos sea lions

Marquesas after 30 days at sea

Marquesas Uoa Pou

Bora Bora

Long Passages in Daniels Bay Nuka Hiva

Easter Island Moais

American Samoa 50-man canoe races

Tonga - Lupe gives Judi tapa cloth as a gift

New Zealand Queenstown

Vanauatu custom dancers


Australia-Rainbow Valley

Singapore Lion Dancers

Nepal - Mt. Everest in background

Mount Everest

China-beautiful pagoda

Malaysia Long Passages alone in Langkawi anchorage

Thailand Phi Phi island - North and South anchorages

Thailand - longtail boats on beach in Phi Phi

Cambodia Ankor Wat

Sri Lanka elephant orphanage

Maldives Uligan dock and beach

Oman camel nibbling along the road

Oman - Mohammed agent in Salalah port

Turkey - Antalya - Duden river empties into the sea

Antalya marina party with belly dancer performance

Turkey - Konya carpet shop

Italy - Mediterranean beach and coastline

Venice Rialto Bridge


Louvre museum

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