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In addition to the Equipment List, the following extra items are included to help the new owners get on the water immediately.

  • Manuals for all installed equipment
  • Spare VHF antenna on mizzen mast in case of problem with main
  • 2d Spare VHF antenna in case of dismasting
  • Manuals for all installed equipment
Electrical 12 VDC
  • Manuals for all installed equipment
  • Schematic for entire yacht
  • AMPAIR 100: Spare blades, diodes, bearing, and bushing
  • Alternator - spare 55 amp unit and instructions for fitting
  • Balmar: Spare diodes and offshore kit
Electrical AC
  • Manuals for all installed equipment
  • Power cords for 110 VAC 30 amps and 220 VAC 16 amps.
  • Power adapters for Europe, Asia, and Australia/New Zealand
  • Shannon logo dishware
  • Pots and pans
  • Glassware
Ground Tackle & Windlass
  • Extra stainless windless handle
  • FX37 Fortress Storm anchor in storage bag
  • Fisherman anchor; collapses for easy storage in its bag
  • 5# Danforth Dingy anchor and 40' of line; great while snorkeling
  • Manuals for all installed equipment
  • Manuals for all installed equipment
  • Lifesling in protective bag with block and tackle
  • Man over board Pole and horseshoe ring
  • Floating man over board strobe light
  • 75' Throwing line
  • Liferaft fitted with 6 gallon/day watermaker
  • Jacklines made of stainless
  • Manuals for all installed equipment
  • Cushions:
    • Forward Cabin - three 4" foam fabric-covered cushion for queen berth
    • Main salon - eight (8) leather-covered contoured cushions
    • Cockpit - five (5) cushions that cover all seats and four (4) 'throw' cushions
  • Canvas - NEW Dodger, Mainsail cover and Mizzen sail cover


  • Manual
  • Storage compartment to keep items being transported dry
  • Tempo fuel container and hoses.
  • Foot pump
  • Floating tow line
  • Running lights
  • Manual
  • Spare plugs
  • Tool kit
Engine Spares
  • Manuals including:
    • Complete shop manual
    • Operating manual
    • Parts manual
    • Nigel Calder "Diesel Maintenance..."
  • Engine starter (Valued at $700-800)
  • Engine gasket kit
  • Engine injector kit
  • Spare fuel and oil filters
  • Spare 100 amp Delco-Remy alternator

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